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Love your photos, upload them  :)    Though photo upload is "Optional" but recommended, as it is one of the best ways to communicate about you.

  • Photos    => Upto Three photos can be uploaded.
                           (Photo-1 is your Primary Photo and displayed on your profile as default.)
  • File Types  => .jpg  or .jpeg   or .png or .bmp or tiff are the accepted file extension for photo upload.  (other file uploads will fail)
  • File Size   => 5 MB  Maximum photo size accepted for upload.
                            (To reduce the size you can manually cut/crop the photo before upload).
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Acceptable file types: jpg,jpeg,png,bmp,tiff,tif,gif.
Maximum file size: 5mb.
Photo-1 is your Primary Photo. (displayed by default on your profile)
Optional : If you like you can upload Photo-2 as your second photo.
Optional : If you like you can upload Photo-3 as your third photo.