Terms and Conditions:

We at Su-Mangal welcome all the registrants and visitors. By visiting our website the registrant and visitor, including all registered candidates are bound to following essential rules:

  • The Free membership is a limited time welcome offer from Su-Mangal. The offer will be revoked at any point in time, hence we request the visitors to register as soon as possible to gain the early joining benefits.
  • Under the free membership welcome offer depending on Su-Mangal discretion, the registrants/candidates will be offered additional benefits like free registration with no joining charges and free membership with no charges, however this free membership does not provide candidates with benefits for a fixed timeline of one year and it may be reduced to smaller duration at discretion of Su-Mangal or can be changed or revoked by Su-Mangal at any point in time.
  • Registrants / candidates who have joined under limited time welcome offer for Free Registration and Free Membership can enjoy benefits of obtaining contact details of their prospective brides/grooms, however the number of contact details request are limited. The Free Membership welcome offer entitles to only obtain "Two contacts details in 30 days (one calendar month) duration from your prior contact details request." This offering is at discretion of Su-Mangal and can be changed or revoked at any point in time for the Free Membership welcome offer joiners.
  • The data displayed on this website is purely on the inputs provided by the candidates and Su-Mangal Vivah Sanstha does not confirm its validation. Candidates obtaining contact details areĀ  advised to re-confirm the details specified on this website from their prospective candidates. Su-Mangal is not responsible for any mis-leading information displayed on site and or if it was provided during profile registrations.
  • Su-Mangal advises to candidates to inform Su-Mangal Support ( in case they have their marriages arranged on Su-Mangal or through other channels, so that other candidates requesting prospective contacts are not left at any inconvenience.
  • Relevant candidates whose profiles are displayed need to inform our support by sending an email to "" in case they want their "profile display" to be removed from our site. For cases where an email was sent requesting removal of profile display, but have not received a response for 30 days stating profile display removal confirmation from support, please re-send an update email for same.
  • The Registration fee and Membership fee for the joiners would be Rs.500/- for a duration of one year from the date of registration and post confirmation of payment.
  • The renewal fee for membership will be Rs.500/- (includes any additional registration fee charges)